Long Course

The Long Course course is for the serious beginning beekeeper who knows that they want to start beekeeping this year. This is a 7 class course which will be implemented during the normal bee calendar across an 8 month period under the mentorship of an experienced beekeeper.  Course topics include:  bees and their history, the keeping of bees, components of a hive, hive management, bee cycles, and honey harvesting.  Hive health and surviving the winter will be key elements of discussion with the primary focus on becoming a successful beekeeper. (Options for Certification will be made available.)This is a very comprehensive course which will also provide participants an opportunity to construct their own hives. Various options for purchasing bees and queens will be made available, so that by next spring your bees will be out pollinating and making honey. Class description and schedule can be obtained via email: thehoneyman@att.net


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